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About Dr. Suhas Awchat
Special Executive Magistrate
Member of Himalayan Military Institute
Model, Singer and Actor

Our Introduction

Special Executive Magistrate. Govt. of Maharashtra.

Awards and Honours


Mindful Consumption
Overtime, I have realised that I am taking far more from the universe than I will ever be able to give back.
The constant exercise of differentiating between needs and desire has been an eye Read more
Dr. Suhas Awchat on Goan Food and Culture

Just like any other place on this planet, Goa is a place well-known for its Goan culture and most famous for its Goan cuisine. Goa has a multicultural past. It was the Portuguese who ruled b Read more

Car Crazy Dr. Suhas Awchat

I, Dr Suhas Awchat have been often referred to as a car enthusiast. My love for cars and customisation has got me praise while for some it was an eyebrow raise. In the Picture, the vehicle y Read more

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