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Blog | Mindful Consumption
Mindful Consumption
Overtime, I have realised that I am taking far more from the universe than I will ever be able to give back.
The constant exercise of differentiating between needs and desire has been an eye opener. 
Endeavour is to live responsibly; endeavour is to live with conscience.
For instance:
1. Do I really need the water that is being poured in my glass at the restaurant?
-The water will go down the drain the moment I leave my seat. Isn’t it unfair to the children who don’t get enough water to consume?
2. Do I really need to wrap that gift by buying ‘free’ gift wrapping paper?
-Because that shiny/ non-biodegradable paper is going to be trashed (literally) once the gift is been opened?
3. Do I really need to buy gifts when I am not sure if they will be used?
-Isn’t it wiser to buy fruits or dry-fruits with the same amount of money and with almost certainty that they will be consumed?
4. What do I do when I am at buffet?
-Do I take only the necessary things or fill my plate with things I might not even eat but just because they look fancy or they are free?
5. What do I do when the guy at Subway (the food chain) offers me two forks and four tissue papers when I am going to be eating alone?
-Do I return one fork and three tissue papers or just dump it in the dustbin before leaving the restaurant?
6. Just because something is ‘bio-degradable’, should I use it?
-Can I even avoid a paper bag or a cloth bag because a tree was chopped to make that paper and earth was subjected to atrocities to create the piece of cloth?
7. What happens when I go to eat Thaali?
 -Do I return the things I don’t want to eat, so that it can be offered to someone else or do I let it sit on my plate and leave it untouched only to be thrown away later?
8. Do I need to cook elaborate meals when guests visit me?
-Can I not just cook enough to fill everyone’s stomach and nothing would go waste?
9. Do I need to buy things just because they are in sale and they are cheaper?
-Do I need to buy them because there is ‘return policy’? I was reading a case study on how big retail conglomerates dump returned goods in the ocean and it’s unbelievable how our oceans are constantly being subjected to waste created because of our greed.
I have been asking these and such questions for a couple of years now.
What else can I ask?
How else can I live mindfully?