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Blog | Car Crazy Dr. Suhas Awchat
Car Crazy Dr. Suhas Awchat

I, Dr Suhas Awchat have been often referred to as a car enthusiast. My love for cars and customisation has got me praise while for some it was an eyebrow raise. In the Picture, the vehicle you see is a 'Concedes' a hybrid of HM Contessa and Mercedes, modified by renowned Dilip Chhabria of DC designs. I had made this prototype for State Traffic Police / RTO / Motorized Units of Home Guards. This particular model got so popular that people used to flock to my restaurant to have a look at my car collection. This model was even featured in 'The Week Magazine'.

In a similar passionate affair, I had customised my white Mercedes – first car in Mumbai with number "1" on its registration plate. Customization was done by 'Brabus', a German company. 

Bottom line, I believe nothing is as important as passion. Passion will take you a long way, no matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate, be courageous, be your best. If your passion is STRONG enough, it can get you over the inevitable highs and lows.