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Blog | Goa food and culture
Goa food and culture
Just like any other place on this planet, Goa is a place well-known for its Goan culture and most famous for its Goan cuisine. Goa has a multicultural past. It was the Portuguese who ruled back in time and since then a few traditions are adopted of the Portugal heritage. A lot of Portuguese traditions are traced in the Goan culture today. Even today, there are few people who still continue to follow the typical Portuguese traditions and customs. Goan people and their culture are full of music, art and dance. The most important part of their culture is the Goan cuisine.
There are various cultures that influenced the Goan cuisines. But the main influence came from the Portuguese. The traditional food traces a combination of the Portuguese as well as some native cultures. Back in time, when the Portuguese traded food with India, that is when they happened to change the lifestyle and the food habits leading to some yummy recipes existing in our kitchens today.
Do you know what are the famous Goan Traditional cuisines? Did you know that the flavour of these cuisines has a spread at different places? Well, the taste and the flavours of Goan cuisines has reached to Mumbai as well! If you are tired of travelling to Goa but want to enjoy some delightful Goan Flavours, ‘Goa Portuguesa’ welcomes you to relish and savour the most famous and delicious Goan cuisines as well as to have a glimpse of the Goan culture. Master chef ‘Deepa Suhas Awchat’ is the one who has brought all the goan flavours to Mumbai at her restaurant ‘Goa Portuguesa.’ Deepa Suhas Awchat has chosen the most popular goan cuisines in her menu. These are the famous five goan cuisines mentioned in the menu of the Goa Portuguesa, which you would love to read about.